Gen AI for enterprise documents

Your Enterprise Documents, Enhanced by AI

Revolutionize Your Document Handling with Flexday’s Generative AI Solution

Intelligent Q&A for Your Documents

Navigate through your enterprise’s vast documentation with ease. Our AI-driven Q&A feature understands the context of your documents, allowing you to ask questions and get precise answers instantly.

Summarization at a Glance

Don’t get lost in pages of text. Our summarization tool condenses your documents into digestible overviews, saving you time and highlighting key information.

Information Access

Every detail from your enterprise documents is at your fingertips. Quick search, categorization, and retrieval—made possible with our advanced indexing and AI categorization techniques.

Automated Reporting

Generate detailed reports with the click of a button. Use our pre-configured templates or customize your own to create consistent and professional documents that meet your business needs.

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