Privacy Policy

This is the Personal Data Policy (“Policy”) of Flexday AI Inc. (a _______ corporation) and Flexday Solutions, LLC (an Illinois limited liability company). Both Flexday companies are referred to collectively in this Policy as “Flexday” because they both follow this Policy but neither is liable for the acts of the other. This Policy applies to Personal Data received online by Flexday from users of Flexday websites and Flexday online services (“Flexday Users”). Personal Data means information that identifies a natural person or from which a natural person can be identified.

This Policy is for the benefit of Flexday Users. If you are not a Flexday User but believe that Flexday has some of your Personal Data, please contact the entity you believe provided your Personal Data to Flexday.

The use of Flexday websites and online services, including to provide Personal Data, is subject to Flexday’s TERMS OF USE. Flexday websites and online services are not for use by children under thirteen years of age.

Use of a Flexday website or service constitutes an acknowledgment by the Flexday User that Personal Data provided by the Flexday User or collected by Flexday may be used by Flexday as provided in this Policy.

Flexday reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. Following any change the revised version of this Policy will be on this website showing the date of the revised Policy.


In the ordinary course of the operation of its business, Flexday collects Personal Data provided by Flexday Users, including:

Prospective Customers: Flexday Users making inquiries about doing business with Flexday may provide Personal Data such as a name or an email address, phone number or title from which a person can be identified.

Current Customers: Flexday Users that have a business relationship with Flexday provide information that includes Personal Data, such as contact information and other personal information used by Flexday Users to establish and use an account with Flexday to purchase and use Flexday products and services.

Customer Proprietary Data: When using Flexday data processing or data storage services, the data provided by Flexday Users may include Personal Data that the Flexday Users own or are licensed to use.

Job Applicants: Flexday Users inquiring about or applying for a job may provide Personal Data such as contact information, work history and other personal information; and may provide Flexday with authorization to collect additional Personal Data from third parties such employers, educational institutions, and government agencies.


Flexday processes Personal Data for the following purposes based on the justifications described below:

Prospective Customers: Personal Data provided by prospective customers is used by Flexday to attempt to establish a business relationship with the prospective customers.

Current Customers: Personal Data provided by current customers is used by Flexday to provide and offer Flexday products and services. Flexday also uses Personal Data provided by customers to authenticate access to computer systems made available to Flexday Users as part of the products and services provided by Flexday.

Customer Proprietary Data: Personal Data included by Flexday Users in data being stored or processed by Flexday is used by Flexday only to the extent necessary to provide Flexday services to the Flexday Users.

Former Customers: Personal Data provided by former customers is maintained by Flexday to use for contacting such Flexday Users regarding services previously provided by Flexday or for seeking new business.

Job Applicants: Personal Data provided by job applicants, or gathered by Flexday with applicant authorization, is used by Flexday to process the applications, which may include use by third-parties paid by Flexday to verify information, gather information and assess skills. If a job applicant is hired, Flexday will include Personal Data collected in the application process in the employee’s personnel file for use in connection with the employment relationship.

In addition to all of the foregoing uses, Flexday uses Personal Data to fulfill its contractual obligations to customers, comply with legal requirements, maintain the security and improve the efficiency of its services and operations, and defend and assert claims in furtherance of its legitimate business interests.


Flexday does not share Personal Data with third parties for marketing products and services of third parties.

Flexday may share Personal Data with third parties for the purposes of complying with legal requirements, processing job applications, verifying information submitted to Flexday, fulfilling its obligations to customers, maintaining security, improving efficiency, and defending and asserting claims.

Flexday AI Inc. and Flexday Solutions, LLC may share Personal Data with each other.


Flexday uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) to secure communications and data transmitted through a browser to a Flexday website. Flexday uses antivirus, antispyware and antihacking software, firewalls and other processes typically used in its industry for protecting Personal Data. These measures are designed to inhibit unauthorized access, modification, transmission or deletion of Personal Data; but are not a guarantee that such unauthorized actions will not happen.


Flexday uses cookies and sometimes uses beacons in some of its electronic interactions. Cookies are small files stored on Flexday User devices to enable Flexday to recognize repeat visits and Flexday User preferences. Flexday Users can modify their browser settings to set cookie preferences. Note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of Flexday website features and services. Beacons embedded in web pages or emails provide Flexday with information regarding specific Flexday User interactions, such as tracking if an email has been opened.


In response to a verifiable written request received from a Flexday User who submitted Personal Data to Flexday regarding the Personal User, to the extent allowed by applicable law Flexday will provide the Flexday User with a list or copy of the Personal Data maintained by Flexday regarding the Flexday User, will make a record of the request, and will make any corrections or deletions reasonably requested by the Flexday User, except to the extent necessary for Flexday to maintain Personal Data for regulatory, legal or business purposes. Requests to manage Personal Data should be submitted to This email address may also be used to express concerns about how Flexday uses Personal Data.