Using AI to Draw Marketing Insights from Social Media

While marketers have been studying social media for years for insights on how to promote their goods and services more effectively, adding AI to the mix has enabled them to be much smarter in their efforts.

Instead of simply gathering raw data from social media for human analysis, ‘social listening’ with AI can do a lot of analysis upfront, and pass along its insights to humans for further refinement.

AI Can Analyze More Than You Think

One of the newest and most exciting tools in this particular AI’s toolbox is its ability to crawl the entire web to find images of a company’s logo, products, CEO and similar, both in static posts and videos on platforms such as Meta and YouTube.

An AI hunt-and-analysis mission to uncover your product across social media, for example, will reveal images and videos of people who are pictured with your product. Through this analysis you can learn what types of settings and events your product is found in, as well as the demographics of those who buy your product.

This data can be analyzed by AI to determine what’s happening in the images in detail, and enable you to auto-generate marketing reports on a demographic of people who are using your product, as well as the specific kinds of lifestyles they’re leading.

AI Can Analyze More Than You Think_Blog by Flexday Solutions LLC


AI Can Seek Influencers for Marketing

Meanwhile, an analysis of these scenes will enable you to find social media influencers who may already be great fans of your product, and may be perfect candidates to become official spokespeople for your product. Influencer marketing is becoming a widely used strategy that allows bands access to a wider audience and AI can help brands leverage this for their marketing campaigns. 

For example, a digital microphone company discovers a number of vloggers across YouTube using its microphone to record audio for their channels. Thanks to AI, a brand would easily be able to find and work with a number of those vloggers as word-of-mouth ambassadors of its brand.

Equally likely, a clothing brand that discovers a number of vloggers who regularly wear their clothing while on camera would also have access to a potential army of brand ambassadors, who otherwise may never have been found.

AI Picks Up on Opinions of Products or Services

AI hunt-and-analysis of images is perfect for a large enterprise that’s looking to track the presence of its CEO across social media, including images that may be buried in YouTube videos.

Any text associated with a particular brand is also analyzed through social media. Text analysis is serving up marketing insights that were not even achievable just a few years ago.

A ‘dumb’ social media monitoring system, for example, is able to crawl the web and bring back mentions of any company associated with the words: best, amazing, perfect, hate, horrible and garbage.

But a smart AI social media monitoring system, which can be programmed to include automated context monitoring, can drill down further to distil the true meaning of the sentiment or sentiments expressed.

An image of a squinty-eyed woman holding a smartphone, sporting a broken screen with a caption reading, “The durability of this phone is amazing,” would actually be tracked as a negative statement if analyzed by context-sensitive AI. A less advanced social media system could easily misinterpret that text as a positive endorsement of the brand

AI Picks Up on Opinions of Products or Services_blog by Flexday Solutions LLC


Captures Customer Sentiment Over Time

Text-based AI hunt-and-analysis can be used for tracking customer sentiment over time. AI tools can be programmed to track positive, negative and neutral comments about a brand over a particular time frame on social media and consequently auto-generate reports that show how sentiments associated with your brand are changing over time.

No matter how granular you want to get in terms of digging deeper into how your product is perceived and promoted on social media, you can always re-purpose AI to study any number of competitors just as thoroughly.

Use AI to Better Assess Your Social Media 

Seek the counsel of a trusted AI expert to get an understanding of all the benefits and ways you can use AI-powered social media analysis for your business.

An AI consulting company with deep knowledge of AI’s true potential in social media marketing analysis will prove invaluable for navigating the numerous off-the-shelf options available to your business. 

If you need something more specific or customizable, there are many options available, allowing you to create an AI solution that best suits your needs and provides your business with technology of value.