AI Recruiting: Companies Get A Real Boost with Automation

“The pandemic has created a unique opportunity for employers to redesign their hiring processes – leveraging technology that complements the capability of employees at a speed and scale not otherwise possible,” says Kevin Parker, CEO,of  HireVue.

“As the economy rebounds, our data shows recruiters increasingly looking to virtual hiring to widen access to candidates they may not have had access to in the past,” states Hirevue article

Locating Qualified Candidates via Job Sites 

Companies using AI recruiting apps offered by the major jobs sites, for example, can now automatically crawl resume databases to find candidates with the specific skills, characteristics and experience that match their job openings.

Plus, companies using similar in-house AI recruiting apps are also able to venture out onto the Web to unearth ‘passive’ job candidates who have the profiles they’re seeking on LinkedIn, Google Scholar, Twitter and other social networks.

This new search ability is especially prized by seasoned HR departments, given that the candidates uncovered are gainfully employed, most likely performing well at their companies and often have skills and experience that is often tough to find with a typical job ad.

Customize Searches within Company Database 

Of course, that same kind of AI search automation can also be used by companies to find candidates by searching through their own databases of resumes, automatically sorting, analyzing and ranking the candidates they have on file based on job title, work history, skills, likeliness to leave, current job role and similar.

Simultaneously, companies can ensure the outreach they do for those resumes is diversity-friendly by using specially designed AI editing software that double-checks the wording of every job ad they post. 

Essentially, these AI editing apps ensure a company steers clear of creating job ads that disenfranchise applicants due to race, ethnicity or disability.

Automate Recruitment Processes

Besides enabling companies to find candidates more easily, AI is also going a long way to automate the subsequent laborious recruiting tasks of: 

  • Setting up interviews with promising candidates
  • Engaging candidates in preliminary Q&As 
  • Scheduling la creme de la creme for follow-up face-to-face interviews

Virtually any AI recruiting solution, for example, can be set up or customized to automatically send out an email, text message or phone call to a promising job candidate, or even extend an invitation to interact with a chatbot, to get the onboarding process going.

Indeed, the communications power behind these AI apps can be astounding.  Many are designed to trigger hundreds of emails, text messages or phone calls to promising job candidates in a single minute.

Plus, turning over the pre-screening process to an AI-driven chatbot can be especially time-saving, given that the medium engages candidates in a quick Q&A that can quickly identify people who will be the best fit for a position.

With many AI software solutions, these chatbots can also be trained and customized to anticipate the kinds of questions job applicants typically ask about your company in particular, rather than any company in general.

Analyze Candidates with Video Integration 

Once job candidates pass the pre-screening process, AI further automates the hiring process by helping HR analyze the personality and traits of a candidate during a video interview.

Many of these personality analysis solutions can easily be integrated with popular video meeting software like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Webex.

And the most sophisticated can be automatically set to send along with recordings of the most promising of these video interviews to HR, along with text notes highlighting key take-aways from the interviews.

In practice, companies using AI-powered video interviewing often ask job applicants to respond to a series of text-based questions, one-by-one, by recording their responses using a webcam. 

Others use an avatar to ask questions in real-time.

And still, others use human interviewers to Q&A job hopefuls.

But in all cases, the AI works behind the scenes, conducting an ongoing analysis of the job candidate by studying mannerisms, eye movements, facial changes, changes in voice inflexion and similar.

From these behaviors, AI draws deductions and offers its analysis of the candidate’s temperament, ability to work with others, overall emotional balance and similar highly valued traits.

In fact, some companies take AI-powered personality/trait analysis so seriously, that they sometimes ask candidates to play neuroscience games monitored by AI. The behavior candidates exhibit in those games enables AI to offer its analysis of the applicant’s overall temperament.

Consider AI-Powered Recruiting 

As with most things AI, the capabilities of these AI recruiting solutions are growing ever more sophisticated over time. It can provide a means for a more efficient, targeted and time-saving recruiting process.

So it’s a good idea to seek the guidance of a seasoned AI consultant in this space, who can help you knowledgeably navigate your options and ensure the solution you pick is just right for your company.